We're feelin' ourselves so much we talked for just about two hours!

...Actually, that's not the reason - there was just a lot of great content sent to us over the last several weeks! We love the #bfbhive for sending us such great stories. 

[Content Note - Eating Disorders] This personal piece on the absurd and damaging nature of allowing Weight Watchers to position themselves as body positive. 

Runway Riot doesn't like the word fat but still covered #FatSideStories with every euphemism under the sun. 

Obesity Timebomb has this Fat Underground video from 1979. Serious history here. Here are some of KC's thoughts on the video. Related: This thread on the origin of the modern usage of body posi.

Sofie Hagen wrote this letter to a casting director that offered her.... well, you'll see. 

WE TALK ABOUT REAL SPORTS AND FAKE SPORTS. Fun fact: Olympic Medalists & Wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes, not just the ones that the media tells you to care about, folks like Teresa Almeida, Michelle Carter, Sarah Roble, Caster Semenya and Nia Jax deserve your love too. P.S. Ariel knows about Awesome Kong.

While this was written from a place a good intentions, fat people are not object lessons, because that's wrong and we're tired. Also - if plus size fashion bloggers are the best source of perennial style advice - why are they still mostly behind straight size bloggers in terms of dollars and prestige? $$$$$ > the thankless work of being ~inspirational~ to more privileged individuals. 

Ariel wishes the anchors from Egyptian state television could troll their bosses

KC delivers in...formation on this piece about de-colonizing your relationships or basically, checking your preferences. 

The Broads are.... not fans of that one essay (or it's follow-up - this coulda been kept, tbh). You would be better served by reading either this one. p.s. According to the author of the original essay on twitter, a response like this misses some points (but it's still a better read, imo).

Things like the essays above or sayyyyyyy... this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this are just doing the absolute most but resulting in the least. Accountability is nice. 

KC shows us that studies show us things that are a. stuff we already knew, b. stuff we already really really knew, c. someone getting in trouble for something we already knew or d. a strangely worded headline.

#BFBB, Part 1 & Part that's not how this works

Circling back around to the theme of accountability and blah blah blah. It's unfortunate to undermine the sentiment of your work at the end of it. I have more feelings. 

That damn hell ass Donald Trump statue is bullshit masquerading as shitty statement art. No, we're not linking it. 

Good Links!

Fat Bitch 101: A Handy Glossary!

  • Big Fines/Thick
  • Mt. Curvysexylicious
  • All Your Faves Are Fatphobic
  • Fatcalling
  • Sad Fat Stories
  • We Don’t Know Them
  • FUPA
  • Body posi
  • Fat Liberation
  • HAES 
  • Inbetweenie
  • Superfat / DeathFat
  • LJ Fatshionista

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Get Ready for #BFBChat on 9/18/16! 

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Okay. See you later. Y'all are alright. <3

EPISODE 15 (AKA Pudgy Twitter Fingers AKA The #hashtag Episode AKA The One About #FatSideStories)

We don't bop, we do the fatty dance.

We start off talking about this article which isn't exactly a garbage fire, but more thing that could grow into a fire or be put out depending on how it's handled. 

There's so much power in online community and being able to connect with likeminded folk - this podcast may come across as #hashtagaverse, but that's actually not the case. We're averse to something frequently linked to hashtags, but that's not the point here. 

Before we discuss the origin, usefulness and power of #fatsidestories, we talk about some great places to click if you're looking to build fat positive online community - #WeWearWhatWeWant, #GoldenConfidence, #deceitfulfatgirlthirsttrap, #plussizeplease and #alternativecurves. And if you're on Facebook (and meet the necessary criteria), The Anti-Oppressive Queer Fatshion group is a great place to be. 

There is a difference between being mired in the trauma and tragedies of the past (or present, for that matter) and naming the unjust wrongs that have been done against you, to connect with those that have also experienced it. To know you are not alone is power. To know that you went through some shit and come out through the other side, that is power. And we saw that happen in the #fatsidestories hashtag. 

We also answer a listener question (hiiiii, Justin) about comics - please feel free to tweet us @badfatbroads, @femmina or @kiddotrue and let us know about something cool we're missing out on in that world!

As always, we love our Patreon Sugarparents (no new ones this episode!) and we love every single one of you.

Smell you later. <3





EPISODE THIRTEEN (AKA I Dance, I Eat A Vegetable, What More Do You Want From Me?!)

HI THERE HELLO. We're so glad you're here.

First! If you haven't read the State of Broads post, please do! Also, if you haven't checked out the two most recent episodes (we sort of snuck them in there!), 11 & 12 are there waiting for you!


Things we talk about this week!

Things worth checking out:

Our guest for this edition of Fat Chat is the lovely Ashleigh Nicole Tribble. We talk with Ashleigh about recent events in the plus size community. Follow Ashleigh on Instagram! 

As always, listener questions are amazing. Send us yours via email at badfatbroads@gmail.com or the contact form on this website. (And keep using #bfbdocket to give us topics!)

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As always, thanks so much for listening. We love you. 

We dedicate this episode to the late Caroline Wall (thanks to @ZackBudryk for this request).

Also, we affirm our commitment to standing with all marginalized people.

Black Lives Matter.

I'm a little upset with the frequency with which we're having to add on messages because people are facing real world consequences, often deadly for what ultimately boils down to "existing in the wrong body." I'm tired. I want to live. I am not in the mood to entertain people who are so concerned with the lives of black people when it only comes to using men as props or how they give you the (inferior, in your eyes) sexual attention you crave or stand as an object to fetishize. Care about ALL black people. Care about me. Care about the perils and the struggles of existing in this body even when it doesn't benefit you to do so.




Hi all! This is a non-audio post, full of lovely in...formation about what's going on with us!

We're so excited about what we've got going on right now. First of all, in case you haven't heard it, the live episode we recorded while in Detroit at the Allied Media Conference was a huge success. Getting to be presenters as part of the Abundant Bodies track was an amazing experience and we truly could have not done it without your help. Every dollar you give us through Patreon or Generosity is truly appreciated.

Speaking of funds, as you can see, we've reached our $200 per month fundraising goal on Patreon! 

  • We're now able to actually compensate ourselves for our time. While this is a project that we do because we want to and no one is OBLIGATED to fund any content that isn't behind a paywall, we respect that you value the content we create and that it is time and labor (intellectual and emotional). 
  • We're compensating our beloved audio editor, Justin. He's so much more than that and again, his labor (emotional and otherwise) is definitely part of the magic (AIRHORN). (If you're wanting more of an @8bitanimal fix, check out his podcast!
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Finally, we're going on a quick vacation! We'll be back the week of July 18th, well rested and restocked on lighter fluid to set some internet garbage on fire. KC's moving (!) and I just need a damn hell ass break (!). Please feel free to tweet us (@badfatbroads/@femmina/@kiddotrue), email us or whatever in the meantime. As always, you can use the #bfbdocket hashtag to alert us to stuff, we love that you tell us what you want to discuss! 

We love you and we can't do this without you.


Bad Fat Broads: Episode Twelve (AKA Bad Fat Broads LIVE!!! @ Abundant Bodies at AMC, AKA All Airhorns All The Time, AKA We Got Our Fill of The D)

Welcome to Bad Fat Broads LIVE!! This episode was recorded live in front of a super awesome, super swell, mostly human (hi Itty!) audience on Saturday, June 18th in the year of our Rihanna, 2016. 

The Broads can't stress enough how much they appreciate everyone who helped us out with getting to AMC, be it through financial support, emotional encouragement, technical assistance, anything. And thank you so much to those of you who attended the recording! We could not have done this without you. This experience has genuinely been life altering and it was a time that neither one of us will ever forget. 

This episode is light on garbage fires, we talk about FabUplus magazine (girl, I guess) and commercials we watched while lounging at #BFBSleepover basecamp. 

The meat (ham, probably) of this episode is a conversation we have with the audience about fat representation in the media! So many insightful points were made here and we start off with a history lesson about bodies in art brought to us by resident class act, KC. We also take a brief journey to Mt. Curvysexylicious and #staywoke on the matter of information.

We close out the episode with questions from the audience. Lots of laughs and lots of great points made.

Also, psst. If you're here from our tiny shoutout on This American Life or Crissle's recommendation on the Black Media Minute podcast, hi. Feel free to poke around and get to know us. 

As always:

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Finally, we <3 you. Get in...formation. #staywoke

Bad Fat Broads: Episode Eleven (AKA Fatass-Flaming-Refuse-Induced Rage Blackouts)

Hello! Welcome to the much delayed, but much beloved Episode Eleven. It's a true menagerie of tiny garbage fires for your twisted enjoyment. 

First up, why can't happy people be happy? Oh, because fat women can't get married because fat or something. 

Second, why can't garbage websites like the Federalist be less garbagey? Oh, because something something pageclicks.

Third, why can't we discuss burnout and the shift in the nature of fatshion blogging? Oh, because something something you're unfun and draconian if you do. But you should read this, this and this.  

Fourth, why can't people not write snotty elitist garbage? Something something "science", we suppose.  

Fifth, why can't we muster up the same level of outrage for everyone in the community? Well. We know the answer to that one. 

Sixth, why aren't we free to always wear the things we want to wear?


Eighth, would you try one of those mailed clothes boxes? 

Ninth, why do we care that people who won't suffer any pushback for not wearing makeup aren't wearing makeup anymore? 

Tenth, wanna see a cool thing? YES YOU DO. 

Eleventh, why can't two or more fats gather in fats' name and not be expected to perform health related bullshit? 

Twelfth, why can't more brands do this? Or even include things like this?  

As always, we answer questions from our amazing listeners.

We also love our sugarparents!

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Finally, in addition to unexpected delays on the part of this particular broad, this week's episode was deliberately delayed out of respect for those affected by the events in Orlando. We said it before a few episodes ago, but Bad Fat Broads is a podcast committed to intersectionality, supporting all marginalized individuals and if you don't like it, you can get the fuck on. Please understand that this isn't just about guns, but it is also about the fact that we live in a cultural climate that enables and encourages homophobia and transphobia. Please do not skip naming the fact that this was a deliberate attack on the lives of LGBTQ people, especially and specifically people of color. Please do not forget that this is just a piece of widespread systemic violence against LGBTQ people of color and that the numbers show that danger is a regular fact of life for people. Please do not use this as an excuse to further narratives of hate and fear against Muslims. Please remember that people have intersecting identities. Please remember that this is not about your (my) straight, cis feelings. Please be sure to check on and support your friends that are feeling this the hardest. We love our listeners and I love my cohost. 

Bad Fat Broads: Episode Ten (AKA Rated X, maybe 3X?)

First things first, though Ariel might be the realest - she certainly cannot spell. KC is a kind soul.

As always, we're full of voluptuous feelings about the garbage fires that we manage to find in a week's time.


While we did not get airhorns, this is "We don't know her - THE REEEEEEMIXXXXXXXXXX." Penis-suits for a few, we suppose.

[Content Warning - Diets, Food] Did you know, The Biggest Loser is full of bullshit? But also! Please don't send us things from this website! Diet rhetoric is still harmful, even when it's from a body that is marginalized in other ways. We love it when you send us #bfbdocket items, but please be mindful of the source. 

What's the fattest thing you've ever done? If the answer is not "exist in a fat body" - please have a seat. 

This is just a garbage fire. Why go to all this trouble when you could just ask a fat girl?


Stop Praising Men For Doing The Bare Minimum and Reassuring Their Girlfriends They Aren't Fat 2K16

All bodies deserve to be represented. 


KC needs plus size work wear and it is hard! Fat Girl Flow has an excellent list. Ariel is partial to Eloquii, Evans and Nordstrom. Lafayette 148 is a strong high end option as well. 

Finally, #masculinitysofragile and diet culture had a baby and they sent us a wallet photo. 

In this week's Fat Chat, we talk with the amazing and brilliant Fluffy! There's a brief chat about the denial of femininity, the masculinization of fatness and medical fatphobia around transness. We also find out what Fluffy likes most about being Fluffy (warning, Ariel might have been a little heartwarmed here).

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Later, fam.


Bad Fat Broads: Episode Nine (AKA Crush Fat Oppression Like You're Sitting On Its Face For Fun)

At night, we think of you and we tag topics for discussion with the #BFBdocket hashtag! As always, we handle all the flaming garbage trash (but try to spray a little air freshener when we can).


xoJane, WYD SIS. We're not going to link to Jane Pratt's bullshit apology, but we're sure you saw it and we don't need to drive any additional revenue that way. 

A grown ass man threw a temper tantrum because a fat woman told him no. It went down in the DMs (Facebook Messenger if we're being precise) but it certainly didn't stay there. Also, time and time again, we see the frailty of the straight white male "comedian" on display. That's the real joke.


This piece about Kim Chi is an excellent read (not like that). Drag Race deserves a discussion, but today was not that day. 

Representation in porn at the performance and recognition of said performances for all, please. 

A really really strong piece written by Rebecca from The Plus Side of Me about her first relationship. 

Show the Broads a dress code and we'll show you a thing that's probably oppressive. Also, consider punishing people who actually are the problem. 

Hypocrisy and "people not knowing what the word satire" means at its finest. How novel that you use the bodies of women to try to make a "point."

(Bonus Vine) 

In this week's Fat Chat, The Broads chat with the lovely Miss Harlow Harlot about bodies, representation, sex work and an upcoming project about fashion. 

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Bad Fat Broads: EPISODE EIGHT (AKA Our Vinyl and Asses Combined Weigh A Ton)

KC graduated (YES!) and Ariel's just very very tired! Short episode this week! Great gowns, garbage fires, treats found while dumpster diving, rap chat(?) and a fantastic song (thanks to Sassa!) lie before you. Did we really record this episode or are you just listening to Doomposters

Rihanna's nudity is great! (Ariel is a Chief Petty Officer in the #RihannaNavy) We also love The Adipositivity Project! Bad Fat Broads: FIRMLY pro-"nudity as empowerment."

This is a good listicle, not like the bullshit ones we rip apart every week. 

This piece from the Establishment is a lot and we have the unresolved feelings. Also, possibly a jumping off point for a longer conversation about the overemphasis on personal narrative as unchallenged word in online media geared towards women (hi, xoJane). 

This is.... yeah. If you feel like your toes have been stepped on by this one, it might be time to have some reflection time and a listen. Also, you can value someone for their positive aspects while calling out the fucked up things that aren't so cool.

HELL NO. If we don't want bullshit rules about wearing certain things for bodies on adults, we CERTAINLY don't want them for children. The cycle has to stop or things will never get better.

Gabourey. (well done) Fat art. What's not to love?

We close with a very important message in the form of a song by the brilliant Sassa. LET A FAT BITCH BE FAT.

As always, we thank our generous Sugarparents: 

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Stephanie R

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We love you! See you next week! 

Bad fat Broads: EPISODE 7 (AKA Lighten Up, It's Just Fatshion... and Fat Jokes and Fat Bodies)

HI FAM. It's that time again! We've made a super duper effort to throw a little pleasantly scented potpourri in the pile with the garbage fire. We're also excited to have a guest this week for the first installment of our Fat Chat segment! The lovely ToraShae (slayer of the Mayonnaise Monster, co-host of the In Front Of Company podcast and owner/designer of the gorgeous jewelry line Uchawii) joins us for a talk about the line between the self-esteems and the self-depreciations, fat humor and how loving yourself into equitable treatment in the face of assholes isn't a original or reasonable idea. 

We start the episode by evaluating "humor" that we're not gonna link to because it's not great satire, it's actually garbage. But if you find the need to comment on someone's unexpected fatness you could:


B. Consider why fat people may be hesitant to post full body or current photos of themselves - it's well documented that pictures are routinely used to mock fat people or shame them. We've lost count of how many times we've seen photos of our friends, colleagues and selves used by someone to get those "jokes" off or "thinspire" themselves. In the case of dating apps - even when a person does use current, full body pictures to "disclose" - it can result in negative feedback (and we don't mean people bypassing them as an option, we mean abusive commentary). 

C. Write something that doesn't sound like a FatPeopleHate Madlibs page. We're just saying. Be more clever. 

No one is obligated to fuck anyone or find anyone attractive. You are obligated to be decent. 

(Ariel note: Also, if you're fine with someone saying "I'm in the mood for a piece of ham" when describing a desire to fuck a fat person but not okay with a person saying "I'm in the mood for a piece of chocolate" when describing a desire to fuck a black person - consider the fact that you might need to re-evaluate yourself.)

Please please please! Check out this stunning photoshoot and both versions of these cute ass Target ads. (Hi Fluvia!) 

Ariel watched television. This was likely a mistake. Also we think Centric doesn't get Ariel.  It's 2016. There's more to dressing FAT bodies than snatching a waist, covering arms and playing up boobs. We understand working within the comfort zone of an individual, but the show feels full of the same tired "florals for spring" edicts we've heard for years.

We sneak in a touch of the petty and Good Cop/Bad Cop our way though a discussion of preferences, courtesy of Vice (ugh.). Preferences, preferences. Not the things inside that make a person who they are, but preferences. Men? Women? We're talking about preferences. Not actual hearts, brains or personalities. Preferences. Aesthetic preferences. What are we talking about? Preferences. Did we mention KC has brilliant musings on preferences?

We are VERY genuinely excited by the things Ashley Nell Tipton and Christian Siriano are doing. 

FAT CHATTTTTT. We got jokes, fam.

Finally, we answer reader questions and share some letters. We love y'all so much and every word you send us is read and cherished. Please keep sending us stuff!

As always, we pass the collection plate. And for those of you who have been inquiring about how to make a one-time donation, it's now your time to shine! We're truly appreciative for anyone who wants to help us get to AMC. If you'd like to, you can also read more about the Allied Media Conference or donate to the Abundant Bodies Track at AMC

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BAD FAT BROADS: EPISODE SIX (AKA Diagnosis: Incurably Petty )

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you without some fat chat to step to!

Hey fam, we've missed you! We took a little breather so we could recharge and be the truly heavy hitters we know we are. A lot happened in our absence, we're now living in a post-Lemonade, Prince-less world. But here we are, remaining steadfast in our commitment to fat up the joint as much as possible. 

We start off our garbage fire hot take round up with a brief discussion on the curious PR tour (no, I'm not linking any of it) of a model that's lost weight who asserts that we all need to make better choices. While this would normally go in the great gowns pile, this is less about the individual and more about how the overarching narrative effects us all - your happiness isn't hidden under layers of fat and to reduce the difficulties endured by fat people as a result of society to only your "personal sadness" does no one any favors. There's a useful and productive way to acknowledge changes in body shape and size, but sis, this ain't it. 

We add to the Ivy Park & Lemonade representation pile. Ashleigh's article is an A+ take on the situation and again, the reactions to individuals pointing out how they felt a way about being left out should chip away at the narrative that fat black women and femmes have it easier. Hyper-visibility or you knowing a guy that loves #bigfines does not equal an easier existence. This thread is also a must-read. This podcast is a firm believer in "staying in your lane" but KC makes a quick and easy case why, outside of Beyonce's own framing of her message right now, our other faves don't deserve quite the same criticism. Also, your faves are, well you know...

KC shares her sadness for and understanding of Lil' Kim, a person she's loved for a long time. We briefly discuss that self-esteem shouldn't be expected to serve as a barrier against an onslaught of hateful and oppressive behavior. This article draws some really nice parallels with the previous topic.

The new Trinidad James song is a piece of shit and we are not Just a Little Thick. We're FAT. Keep your @postbigfines garbage over there in the can where it belongs. IT ISN'T EVEN A GOOD SONG.

Ariel and KC also talk about how grown ass men making fun of beautiful young women in their prom pictures is a really terrible thing, but we also should do more than just use it as an opportunity to scream cyberbullying and silence our own guilt and instead, name the specific reasons some pictures are targeted. This thread is a really good point as well. 

Sigh. The Biggest Loser. You know. Whatever you do, don't read the comments on the NYT article, but do read this thread that talks about it! 

We highly suggest that you put some respek on our names. We even found a guest to come help us out. *grins*

P.S. Shoutout to our fans over at basic bitch Reddit, better known as Voat. These hamplanets are perplexed by your obsession, but I guess whatever floats your mayobarge. #viewsfromvoat

This week, Fat Bitch 101 is the first in our series on doctors. We talk specifically about physical health and basic tips to get you through. We plan to cover mental health and chronic/serious illness very very soon! For more on our personal experiences, you can read this, this and this from Ariel and this one from KC

We also answer some reader questioners and show some love to a truly touching email we got. 

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We'll also be having our first giveaway very soon! 

Check out KC's casting call for a very exciting project she's working on! 

Y'all are alright. We'll see you next week!


BAD FAT BROADS: EPISODE FIVE (AKA A Combined Total of Well Over 500 Pounds and Can Catch All of The Dicks)

But (cishet) dick is abundant and of low value, so who cares? Why is that a validation of a woman's body anyway? And what about women that don't want to catch dicks? So many questions.

ANYWAY. EPISODE FIVE. In this week's episode, you can probably hear that the Broads sound hella fed up (and slightly digitized)! That's because we are! Luckily, we seem to be nearing a solution with audio quality and consistency, the bad audio fairy has gone light on us this week - we do want to advise that if you listen on headphones, it might sound like KC is on one shoulder and Ariel is on the other shoulder, gently whispering in your ear, like rapping twins that aren't actually related. 

We start off the episode by adding to the ever expanding list of people who simply do not exist in BFB land.

We tackle the antics of Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawerence (and add in a pinch of Charlize, because why the hell not?) It's pretty much a dumpster fire of the highest order. 

AdditionElle fired an employee for using the word fat on her personal facebook page. You know, the one owned by Reitmans, that also owns Penningtons? Yeah, that one. Strange lines drawn by companies, sometimes. Feel free to vote with your dollar, if you can (we understand that it isn't always a viable option).

We also talk about that questionable-ass-Gap Kids ad. We aren't even going to link it. Just ugh. Imagery in advertising isn't created in a vacuum and we're pretty tired of retailers doing garbage.

We also trash some lazy content from The Cut. They felt the need to really get that headless fatty post off. 

Finally, listener Kelly is hot. 

We spend the latter half of the episode answering some big questions from listeners (and co-hosts)

If it seems like that this episode is light on content, trust us - it isn't. But we do want to take this opportunity to reiterate our feelings as laid out in the episode. We're tired of taking trips to #curvysexylicious mountain every week and fat fashion seems to largely be a garbage fire and we certainly don't want to spend our time and our space on people who take up so much space already (and do little or nothing for us). We're not closing the book on those topics forever, but we are going to turn the page for a bit. There's so much to talk about and so many people we want to talk to and if we don't draw the line somewhere...

The point is: we're tired. Brands are gonna brand, public figures are gonna public figure and it doesn't seem to make anything better for the most of us. It's good to talk about it because feelings and anger are valid, but we can't stay only on that. 

*mic drop*

Again, The Broads would like to thank this episode's producer: Friend of Marilyn 

See you next week! And don't forget to find us on TwitterFacebook and Patreon



DAMN, BFB BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE PETTY HANDS. We're obviously feelin' fed up this week (and Ariel had the privilege of getting to see The Read LIVE) so join us as we soar with the wind beneath our petty wings. It would also seem we've once again been visited by the poor audio quality fairy. By no means is this unlistenable, but we do want to offer a heads up.


In this episode of BFB, we announce the inaugural edition of the "I don't know them..." list. 

Mariah Carey doesn't know them and neither do we.

Mariah Carey doesn't know them and neither do we.

Please be advised that this is not an instance of Formation type validation or joining the "hater brigade", but merely an opportunity to put to rest a few issues on which KC & Ariel's opinions are well documented. Are these unpopular opinions? (No, nobody likes @postbigfines). We don't necessarily think any of these things or people are bad, but this is our space and we are choosing to honor the space we've made for you and ourselves. (Except @postbigfines. They're awful.)

Once that's out of the way, we move on to our standard weekly garbage fires.

Ariel has a few words on Runway Riot (or as she can't stop saying, that wascally wabbit, Wunway Wiot).

The Broads also counter Fader's claim that fat shaming is dead and talk about who gets to be a leader, time and time again. We don't want to knock anyone's success or hard work, but we're also ready to hear some new stories that aren't told as frequently. 

KC handily dismantles the idea that other bodies are sites of inspiration based on an amazing thread by the amazing @ztsamudzi. 

KC also tackles the subject of Wentworth Miller and reminds us all that no one ever ever ever need to make excuses or explanations for their body. We also take a brief detour into Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian land (congrats to them!).

Ariel takes a Daily Fail article reporting on an awesome new company geared towards helping fat travelers as an opportunity to talk about her love of New Orleans (but mostly hot dogs). There's also a small discussion of traveling while fat. 

Shorter Ariel: BLAVITY, WYD. Another week, another opportunity to highlight how media aimed at certain demographics handles certain issues poorly. Also, this goes for everyone - if you're say... Amy Schumer-sized and don't feel represented, trust us, you are. 

This Lane Bryant x Glamour thing has ended up becoming a garbage fire of epic proportions. Instead of highlighting why plus size women can't be included regularly or the lack of diversity on the cover or how Lane Bryant doesn't think their ad space should include the full run of sizes they sell, we're now, well. You know

If you're thinking about looking at F21+'s IG profile, go look at Torrid's instead. Trust us. It's tiring having the "am I big enough to be in your space, center me, please" conversation. KC gives us all another word today.

FINALLY. You knew it was coming. "Body posi" (ugh) isn't a joke. We don't care what American Eagle Says. We hated that campaign, but we hate the fact that they made a mockery of diverse representation of bodies more. Take it from our friend we talked to last week. (Especially when we find out you don't let your models in on the joke.) Keep that in mind....

We round out this week's episode with some tips and musings on chub rub and listener questions.

Again, we'd like to thank this episode's producer: Friend of Marilyn 

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Hi! Just wanted to let our fantastic listeners know that today's episode is slightly delayed. We're winding up our petty hands extra good for this one and I promise it'll be worth the wait. 




HEY! We're back after after a week off and we are feeling rejuvenated (well, we were until we saw all of this hot internet garbage)! We talk about quite a few things in this extra-fun-sized episode of Bad Fat Broads. We'd like to offer several content warnings - a racial slur, a brief but explicit discussion of violent transexclusionary radical "feminist" bullshit, brief mention of sexual assault and some rough ass dating experiences. We also have a lot of fun, I swear.


We, in a moment of graciousness, speak with a man (Justin, who you can hear more of here) on the rise of the "Brawn model” and American Eagle's half-hearted-ass cashing in on body positivity (it's for men too, did you know?!).

We briefly hop on the train to Mount Curvysexylicious (again, fuck). No links for this one because, who-the-fuck-cares, honestly. No more clicks for this and we're certainly not legitimizing any retailer that hops on board with this foolishness.

Ariel jokingly makes another bid to be set free from a certain area of twitter residence and makes the case for maybe holding off on our completely uncritical celebration of Cardi B (just a touch). We also take some detours including fat representation in media, thoughtful conversation on who "gets to be" Black Girl Magic and Carefree Black Girl regardless of intent and how Ariel doesn't feel invited to Janelle Monae's parties.

Next, we cover some lazy reporting from mic.com - two separate articles where the intent was good but the execution is lacking. Diversity is not a zero sum game where the gains of one team are a loss for another because hi, intersectionality. And quite frankly, what is the point of tokenism when brands trot out a plus model for attention with no intent to produce garments that similarly sized individuals can wear in real life? In part two of "Why Do You Have to Be This Way, mic.com," we talk about their coverage of a (gorgeous) shoot that was the collaborative effort of several bloggers. For a much better and more thorough write-up of the shoot, check out this post by one of the shoot's participants. We also offer our apologies for misgendering one of the shoot's participants!

We use a viral video of a girl using her fist of justice to make a larger point about the dangerous intersection of race and body size. Maybe next time, someone will learn to move in silence, much like a g in lasagna.

KC gives us a mini-masterclass on a couple of topics. She discusses the tyranny and pointlessness of actual, real life weight report cards for kids. We're sure this will be totally awesome and not at all a lasting shitshow for the babies.

KC also closes out the hot topics portion of this episode with a serious discussion about the recent legislation passed in North Carolina. She's gathered up some seriously important homework for all of us and it's all linked below:

Bad Fat Broads is dedicated to the liberation of ALL marginalized bodies (and hi! intersecting identities means fat trans folks too!) and quite frankly, anyone who'd want to side-eye us for talking about this can take a hike.

In this week's Fat Bitch 101, we scratch the surface of dating whilst(?) while(?) fat. KC & Ariel tell some #peak Sad Fat Girl Stories (lowkey we are trademarking this) and reflect on how that has made us who we are today. This is a topic we definitely plan on revisiting and we'd love to hear from you on this. Bonus reads: Ariel's hot take on twitter garbage & KC's hot take on the same twitter garbage. We close out with some listener questions also keeping with the theme of dating and relationships.

Show Notes:

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See you next week!  


It's episode two of Bad Fat Broads! THE FAT GIRL SOUND MACHINE IS FINALLY FIXED. 

In this episode, we cover allllllllllllllllllll the shit:

Lane Bryant's "TOO HOT FOR TV" AD (...but it isn't.) We discuss the curious case of a surprisingly tame  ad being rejected for air on major networks and the inherent obscenity of fat bodies. The post I'm thinking of about that discusses the way lingerie is sold is posted on the Bluestockings Boutique Blog and if you want to see my thoughts on the Curvy Studio bra line, you can read about that here.

We talk about the March 2016 cover of Ebony and an image posted inside V Magazine. There's a BINGO CARD. On a serious note, stating that women of color are completely insulated from the oppressiveness of dominant culture beauty standards is disingenuous at best and dangerous at worst. You can read more about that within the context of the reporting of eating disorders here. And you can read more pushback against the idea of "Well, black men love ME" all over twitter. 

What is the etymology of the word Curvysexylicious? The internet speculates. We are letting it go because we can't deal with someone who stays back at it again with the lukewarm hot takes


You can find Sarah on her blog Style It or on twitter @styleit! You can see pictures of us on Instagram via @kiddotrue & @styleit (we were serving radiant looks, let me tell you. And yes, I did pull a radiant fat Kim K. look.)!

You can find out more about the tool Dove launched here. Again, it's genuinely interesting and presented in the context of trying to reach young girls, it's easy to see why fat is coded as a "negative" word. Hopefully, people pushing back against that rhetoric can make the word less loaded for the future.

What does fat liberation look like for you? Talk to us. 

What's your closet staple this season?

The transcript for Episode One will be posted soon and thank you SO much to Sarah! We've just about settled on a permanent solution. 

You can now send in questions to us via the contact page. And as always, Patreon sugarparents are always welcome

We <3 you. 

(p.s. if you're here from Bustle, 'sup?)



It's the first official episode of Bad Fat Broads! It's lit fam! We're here (with improved but still imperfect audio quality)! We talk about intersectionality and parts of our own identities, use our future fat vision to address current hot topics and answer some fun (and real) listener questions. We'd like to offer a content warning for this episode as there is brief discussion of eating disorders and weight loss surgery. 

Additionally, KC and I both gloss over one one oft neglected axis of identity - we both present as individuals with able bodied privilege. This is a topic that is SO SO SO under-discussed, especially in the context of fat bodies. This wasn't entirely unintentional because a. we are not experts in this area and b. this is a topic that deserves a full on discussion. It's complicated because we both have specific mental health issues, but we understand that this is a nuanced conversation.  (In case you're wondering what our specific issues are, KC would like to give a shout-out to depression, anxiety and ADD and Ariel wants you to know that you've seen her tweet through many a proper manic episode because she's a genuine bipolar baby (the third diagnosis seems to have stuck) with anxiety and ADHD.) We will (in the VERY near future) be having guests on to talk about a wide variety of experiences that we can't address with authority and this is one of them. 

Tangentially related: We want to make sure that we are inclusive as possible from the ground up. We're looking for things to assist in the process of creating transcripts before we get any further behind on it. You may have seen us tweeting about it because it's pretty fucking important. If you have any leads or suggestions, feel free to hit us up @kiddotrue, @femmina or @badfatbroads. 

And we can't forget! Our excellent, totally official theme song is courtesy of Sassa Nash. 

Finally, we love you. It's Monday. Stay Strong. 

Edited to add: Special thanks to Isha who reminded me that we need to share the link to Kate Harding on The Fantasy of Being Thin.



It's here! Sorta!

Join KC & Ariel as they do a totally fun test run to work out the technical issues of Bad Fat Broads. 

The audio quality is not A+, but we felt like this conversation was a good way for our lovely listeners to get to know us.  We'll be back next Monday with our proper debut. We can't wait to hear your thoughts.