Episode 19 (AKA Tale As Old As Time, Ass Is Just As Wide AKA Self Care City, Bitch)


SHIT IS REAL. SHIT IS HARD. Here we are. Episode 17 of Bad Fat Broads. 

Note: This episode was (obviously) recorded prior to the results of the U.S. election. Disappointed, disbelief, angry, scared, sad, unsurprised - a short list of words that don't even begin to describe the emotions we're experiencing. I can't pretend to write this episode guide in a pre-election mindset, so I apologize if I seem a little extra unimpressed by our garbage fire antics this week. Our next episode guide is going to be a little more robust and full of actionable ideas, reading material, safety suggestions and encouragement. In the meantime, here's a note from each of us to you:

KC: "We love you. Keep breathing."

Ariel: "We love you. If you did this, I don't like you and I wanna fight you. If you didn't and you need my help, I'm here for you."

As always, Bad Fat Broads remains an intersectional podcast dedicated to the liberation of all people. We stand in solidarity with everyone who will be negatively affected by this outcome. And as we've said before - anyone who takes issue with this can take a hike, get the fuck on, etc.



Tim, we guess.  Now more than ever, it's time out for this basic-ass analysis and people with privilege being the spokesperson for a excluded population. This, like the celebration of the off-duty plus model that doesn't wear plus size clothes, is a snoozefest. We're over it. 


PERSPECTIVE. Now more than ever. You wanna create an artificial struggle for yourself, so be it. But don't expect us to celebrate you for it or give a shit or uphold you as some aspirational BS. 


Boohoo could have kept this. Simply Be can keep their dwindling selection. ASOS Curve can keep the stale, repetitive collection. 

We are here for you. We support you. We don't always have the answers, but we are here to listen. This shit? It's hard. Bodies are hard. I got nothing. 

We apologize for the mild sound issues in this episode - we're navigating some equipment related difficulties. Stick around until the very very end for a fun Easter Egg (yes, I know I told you where the egg is, so it's not much of a hunt. It's more like an extra scene at the end of a Marvel movie, I suppose). 




We're feelin' ourselves so much we talked for just about two hours!

...Actually, that's not the reason - there was just a lot of great content sent to us over the last several weeks! We love the #bfbhive for sending us such great stories. 

[Content Note - Eating Disorders] This personal piece on the absurd and damaging nature of allowing Weight Watchers to position themselves as body positive. 

Runway Riot doesn't like the word fat but still covered #FatSideStories with every euphemism under the sun. 

Obesity Timebomb has this Fat Underground video from 1979. Serious history here. Here are some of KC's thoughts on the video. Related: This thread on the origin of the modern usage of body posi.

Sofie Hagen wrote this letter to a casting director that offered her.... well, you'll see. 

WE TALK ABOUT REAL SPORTS AND FAKE SPORTS. Fun fact: Olympic Medalists & Wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes, not just the ones that the media tells you to care about, folks like Teresa Almeida, Michelle Carter, Sarah Roble, Caster Semenya and Nia Jax deserve your love too. P.S. Ariel knows about Awesome Kong.

While this was written from a place a good intentions, fat people are not object lessons, because that's wrong and we're tired. Also - if plus size fashion bloggers are the best source of perennial style advice - why are they still mostly behind straight size bloggers in terms of dollars and prestige? $$$$$ > the thankless work of being ~inspirational~ to more privileged individuals. 

Ariel wishes the anchors from Egyptian state television could troll their bosses

KC delivers in...formation on this piece about de-colonizing your relationships or basically, checking your preferences. 

The Broads are.... not fans of that one essay (or it's follow-up - this coulda been kept, tbh). You would be better served by reading either this one. p.s. According to the author of the original essay on twitter, a response like this misses some points (but it's still a better read, imo).

Things like the essays above or sayyyyyyy... this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this are just doing the absolute most but resulting in the least. Accountability is nice. 

KC shows us that studies show us things that are a. stuff we already knew, b. stuff we already really really knew, c. someone getting in trouble for something we already knew or d. a strangely worded headline.

#BFBB, Part 1 & Part that's not how this works

Circling back around to the theme of accountability and blah blah blah. It's unfortunate to undermine the sentiment of your work at the end of it. I have more feelings. 

That damn hell ass Donald Trump statue is bullshit masquerading as shitty statement art. No, we're not linking it. 

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Get Ready for #BFBChat on 9/18/16! 

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Okay. See you later. Y'all are alright. <3