It's episode two of Bad Fat Broads! THE FAT GIRL SOUND MACHINE IS FINALLY FIXED. 

In this episode, we cover allllllllllllllllllll the shit:

Lane Bryant's "TOO HOT FOR TV" AD (...but it isn't.) We discuss the curious case of a surprisingly tame  ad being rejected for air on major networks and the inherent obscenity of fat bodies. The post I'm thinking of about that discusses the way lingerie is sold is posted on the Bluestockings Boutique Blog and if you want to see my thoughts on the Curvy Studio bra line, you can read about that here.

We talk about the March 2016 cover of Ebony and an image posted inside V Magazine. There's a BINGO CARD. On a serious note, stating that women of color are completely insulated from the oppressiveness of dominant culture beauty standards is disingenuous at best and dangerous at worst. You can read more about that within the context of the reporting of eating disorders here. And you can read more pushback against the idea of "Well, black men love ME" all over twitter. 

What is the etymology of the word Curvysexylicious? The internet speculates. We are letting it go because we can't deal with someone who stays back at it again with the lukewarm hot takes


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You can find out more about the tool Dove launched here. Again, it's genuinely interesting and presented in the context of trying to reach young girls, it's easy to see why fat is coded as a "negative" word. Hopefully, people pushing back against that rhetoric can make the word less loaded for the future.

What does fat liberation look like for you? Talk to us. 

What's your closet staple this season?

The transcript for Episode One will be posted soon and thank you SO much to Sarah! We've just about settled on a permanent solution. 

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We <3 you. 

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