HEY! We're back after after a week off and we are feeling rejuvenated (well, we were until we saw all of this hot internet garbage)! We talk about quite a few things in this extra-fun-sized episode of Bad Fat Broads. We'd like to offer several content warnings - a racial slur, a brief but explicit discussion of violent transexclusionary radical "feminist" bullshit, brief mention of sexual assault and some rough ass dating experiences. We also have a lot of fun, I swear.


We, in a moment of graciousness, speak with a man (Justin, who you can hear more of here) on the rise of the "Brawn model” and American Eagle's half-hearted-ass cashing in on body positivity (it's for men too, did you know?!).

We briefly hop on the train to Mount Curvysexylicious (again, fuck). No links for this one because, who-the-fuck-cares, honestly. No more clicks for this and we're certainly not legitimizing any retailer that hops on board with this foolishness.

Ariel jokingly makes another bid to be set free from a certain area of twitter residence and makes the case for maybe holding off on our completely uncritical celebration of Cardi B (just a touch). We also take some detours including fat representation in media, thoughtful conversation on who "gets to be" Black Girl Magic and Carefree Black Girl regardless of intent and how Ariel doesn't feel invited to Janelle Monae's parties.

Next, we cover some lazy reporting from - two separate articles where the intent was good but the execution is lacking. Diversity is not a zero sum game where the gains of one team are a loss for another because hi, intersectionality. And quite frankly, what is the point of tokenism when brands trot out a plus model for attention with no intent to produce garments that similarly sized individuals can wear in real life? In part two of "Why Do You Have to Be This Way,," we talk about their coverage of a (gorgeous) shoot that was the collaborative effort of several bloggers. For a much better and more thorough write-up of the shoot, check out this post by one of the shoot's participants. We also offer our apologies for misgendering one of the shoot's participants!

We use a viral video of a girl using her fist of justice to make a larger point about the dangerous intersection of race and body size. Maybe next time, someone will learn to move in silence, much like a g in lasagna.

KC gives us a mini-masterclass on a couple of topics. She discusses the tyranny and pointlessness of actual, real life weight report cards for kids. We're sure this will be totally awesome and not at all a lasting shitshow for the babies.

KC also closes out the hot topics portion of this episode with a serious discussion about the recent legislation passed in North Carolina. She's gathered up some seriously important homework for all of us and it's all linked below:

Bad Fat Broads is dedicated to the liberation of ALL marginalized bodies (and hi! intersecting identities means fat trans folks too!) and quite frankly, anyone who'd want to side-eye us for talking about this can take a hike.

In this week's Fat Bitch 101, we scratch the surface of dating whilst(?) while(?) fat. KC & Ariel tell some #peak Sad Fat Girl Stories (lowkey we are trademarking this) and reflect on how that has made us who we are today. This is a topic we definitely plan on revisiting and we'd love to hear from you on this. Bonus reads: Ariel's hot take on twitter garbage & KC's hot take on the same twitter garbage. We close out with some listener questions also keeping with the theme of dating and relationships.

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