It's the first official episode of Bad Fat Broads! It's lit fam! We're here (with improved but still imperfect audio quality)! We talk about intersectionality and parts of our own identities, use our future fat vision to address current hot topics and answer some fun (and real) listener questions. We'd like to offer a content warning for this episode as there is brief discussion of eating disorders and weight loss surgery. 

Additionally, KC and I both gloss over one one oft neglected axis of identity - we both present as individuals with able bodied privilege. This is a topic that is SO SO SO under-discussed, especially in the context of fat bodies. This wasn't entirely unintentional because a. we are not experts in this area and b. this is a topic that deserves a full on discussion. It's complicated because we both have specific mental health issues, but we understand that this is a nuanced conversation.  (In case you're wondering what our specific issues are, KC would like to give a shout-out to depression, anxiety and ADD and Ariel wants you to know that you've seen her tweet through many a proper manic episode because she's a genuine bipolar baby (the third diagnosis seems to have stuck) with anxiety and ADHD.) We will (in the VERY near future) be having guests on to talk about a wide variety of experiences that we can't address with authority and this is one of them. 

Tangentially related: We want to make sure that we are inclusive as possible from the ground up. We're looking for things to assist in the process of creating transcripts before we get any further behind on it. You may have seen us tweeting about it because it's pretty fucking important. If you have any leads or suggestions, feel free to hit us up @kiddotrue, @femmina or @badfatbroads. 

And we can't forget! Our excellent, totally official theme song is courtesy of Sassa Nash. 

Finally, we love you. It's Monday. Stay Strong. 

Edited to add: Special thanks to Isha who reminded me that we need to share the link to Kate Harding on The Fantasy of Being Thin.