BAD FAT BROADS: EPISODE FIVE (AKA A Combined Total of Well Over 500 Pounds and Can Catch All of The Dicks)

But (cishet) dick is abundant and of low value, so who cares? Why is that a validation of a woman's body anyway? And what about women that don't want to catch dicks? So many questions.

ANYWAY. EPISODE FIVE. In this week's episode, you can probably hear that the Broads sound hella fed up (and slightly digitized)! That's because we are! Luckily, we seem to be nearing a solution with audio quality and consistency, the bad audio fairy has gone light on us this week - we do want to advise that if you listen on headphones, it might sound like KC is on one shoulder and Ariel is on the other shoulder, gently whispering in your ear, like rapping twins that aren't actually related. 

We start off the episode by adding to the ever expanding list of people who simply do not exist in BFB land.

We tackle the antics of Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawerence (and add in a pinch of Charlize, because why the hell not?) It's pretty much a dumpster fire of the highest order. 

AdditionElle fired an employee for using the word fat on her personal facebook page. You know, the one owned by Reitmans, that also owns Penningtons? Yeah, that one. Strange lines drawn by companies, sometimes. Feel free to vote with your dollar, if you can (we understand that it isn't always a viable option).

We also talk about that questionable-ass-Gap Kids ad. We aren't even going to link it. Just ugh. Imagery in advertising isn't created in a vacuum and we're pretty tired of retailers doing garbage.

We also trash some lazy content from The Cut. They felt the need to really get that headless fatty post off. 

Finally, listener Kelly is hot. 

We spend the latter half of the episode answering some big questions from listeners (and co-hosts)

If it seems like that this episode is light on content, trust us - it isn't. But we do want to take this opportunity to reiterate our feelings as laid out in the episode. We're tired of taking trips to #curvysexylicious mountain every week and fat fashion seems to largely be a garbage fire and we certainly don't want to spend our time and our space on people who take up so much space already (and do little or nothing for us). We're not closing the book on those topics forever, but we are going to turn the page for a bit. There's so much to talk about and so many people we want to talk to and if we don't draw the line somewhere...

The point is: we're tired. Brands are gonna brand, public figures are gonna public figure and it doesn't seem to make anything better for the most of us. It's good to talk about it because feelings and anger are valid, but we can't stay only on that. 

*mic drop*

Again, The Broads would like to thank this episode's producer: Friend of Marilyn 

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BAD FAT BROADS: EPISODE SIX (AKA Diagnosis: Incurably Petty )

BAD FAT BROADS: EPISODE SIX (AKA Diagnosis: Incurably Petty )