DAMN, BFB BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE PETTY HANDS. We're obviously feelin' fed up this week (and Ariel had the privilege of getting to see The Read LIVE) so join us as we soar with the wind beneath our petty wings. It would also seem we've once again been visited by the poor audio quality fairy. By no means is this unlistenable, but we do want to offer a heads up.


In this episode of BFB, we announce the inaugural edition of the "I don't know them..." list. 

 Mariah Carey doesn't know them and neither do we.

Mariah Carey doesn't know them and neither do we.

Please be advised that this is not an instance of Formation type validation or joining the "hater brigade", but merely an opportunity to put to rest a few issues on which KC & Ariel's opinions are well documented. Are these unpopular opinions? (No, nobody likes @postbigfines). We don't necessarily think any of these things or people are bad, but this is our space and we are choosing to honor the space we've made for you and ourselves. (Except @postbigfines. They're awful.)

Once that's out of the way, we move on to our standard weekly garbage fires.

Ariel has a few words on Runway Riot (or as she can't stop saying, that wascally wabbit, Wunway Wiot).

The Broads also counter Fader's claim that fat shaming is dead and talk about who gets to be a leader, time and time again. We don't want to knock anyone's success or hard work, but we're also ready to hear some new stories that aren't told as frequently. 

KC handily dismantles the idea that other bodies are sites of inspiration based on an amazing thread by the amazing @ztsamudzi. 

KC also tackles the subject of Wentworth Miller and reminds us all that no one ever ever ever need to make excuses or explanations for their body. We also take a brief detour into Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian land (congrats to them!).

Ariel takes a Daily Fail article reporting on an awesome new company geared towards helping fat travelers as an opportunity to talk about her love of New Orleans (but mostly hot dogs). There's also a small discussion of traveling while fat. 

Shorter Ariel: BLAVITY, WYD. Another week, another opportunity to highlight how media aimed at certain demographics handles certain issues poorly. Also, this goes for everyone - if you're say... Amy Schumer-sized and don't feel represented, trust us, you are. 

This Lane Bryant x Glamour thing has ended up becoming a garbage fire of epic proportions. Instead of highlighting why plus size women can't be included regularly or the lack of diversity on the cover or how Lane Bryant doesn't think their ad space should include the full run of sizes they sell, we're now, well. You know

If you're thinking about looking at F21+'s IG profile, go look at Torrid's instead. Trust us. It's tiring having the "am I big enough to be in your space, center me, please" conversation. KC gives us all another word today.

FINALLY. You knew it was coming. "Body posi" (ugh) isn't a joke. We don't care what American Eagle Says. We hated that campaign, but we hate the fact that they made a mockery of diverse representation of bodies more. Take it from our friend we talked to last week. (Especially when we find out you don't let your models in on the joke.) Keep that in mind....

We round out this week's episode with some tips and musings on chub rub and listener questions.

Again, we'd like to thank this episode's producer: Friend of Marilyn 

See you next week! And don't forget to find us on Twitter, Facebook and Patreon



BAD FAT BROADS: EPISODE FIVE (AKA A Combined Total of Well Over 500 Pounds and Can Catch All of The Dicks)