Bad Fat Broads: EPISODE EIGHT (AKA Our Vinyl and Asses Combined Weigh A Ton)

KC graduated (YES!) and Ariel's just very very tired! Short episode this week! Great gowns, garbage fires, treats found while dumpster diving, rap chat(?) and a fantastic song (thanks to Sassa!) lie before you. Did we really record this episode or are you just listening to Doomposters

Rihanna's nudity is great! (Ariel is a Chief Petty Officer in the #RihannaNavy) We also love The Adipositivity Project! Bad Fat Broads: FIRMLY pro-"nudity as empowerment."

This is a good listicle, not like the bullshit ones we rip apart every week. 

This piece from the Establishment is a lot and we have the unresolved feelings. Also, possibly a jumping off point for a longer conversation about the overemphasis on personal narrative as unchallenged word in online media geared towards women (hi, xoJane). 

This is.... yeah. If you feel like your toes have been stepped on by this one, it might be time to have some reflection time and a listen. Also, you can value someone for their positive aspects while calling out the fucked up things that aren't so cool.

HELL NO. If we don't want bullshit rules about wearing certain things for bodies on adults, we CERTAINLY don't want them for children. The cycle has to stop or things will never get better.

Gabourey. (well done) Fat art. What's not to love?

We close with a very important message in the form of a song by the brilliant Sassa. LET A FAT BITCH BE FAT.

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