BAD FAT BROADS: EPISODE SIX (AKA Diagnosis: Incurably Petty )

BAD FAT BROADS: EPISODE SIX (AKA Diagnosis: Incurably Petty )

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you without some fat chat to step to!

Hey fam, we've missed you! We took a little breather so we could recharge and be the truly heavy hitters we know we are. A lot happened in our absence, we're now living in a post-Lemonade, Prince-less world. But here we are, remaining steadfast in our commitment to fat up the joint as much as possible. 

We start off our garbage fire hot take round up with a brief discussion on the curious PR tour (no, I'm not linking any of it) of a model that's lost weight who asserts that we all need to make better choices. While this would normally go in the great gowns pile, this is less about the individual and more about how the overarching narrative effects us all - your happiness isn't hidden under layers of fat and to reduce the difficulties endured by fat people as a result of society to only your "personal sadness" does no one any favors. There's a useful and productive way to acknowledge changes in body shape and size, but sis, this ain't it. 

We add to the Ivy Park & Lemonade representation pile. Ashleigh's article is an A+ take on the situation and again, the reactions to individuals pointing out how they felt a way about being left out should chip away at the narrative that fat black women and femmes have it easier. Hyper-visibility or you knowing a guy that loves #bigfines does not equal an easier existence. This thread is also a must-read. This podcast is a firm believer in "staying in your lane" but KC makes a quick and easy case why, outside of Beyonce's own framing of her message right now, our other faves don't deserve quite the same criticism. Also, your faves are, well you know...

KC shares her sadness for and understanding of Lil' Kim, a person she's loved for a long time. We briefly discuss that self-esteem shouldn't be expected to serve as a barrier against an onslaught of hateful and oppressive behavior. This article draws some really nice parallels with the previous topic.

The new Trinidad James song is a piece of shit and we are not Just a Little Thick. We're FAT. Keep your @postbigfines garbage over there in the can where it belongs. IT ISN'T EVEN A GOOD SONG.

Ariel and KC also talk about how grown ass men making fun of beautiful young women in their prom pictures is a really terrible thing, but we also should do more than just use it as an opportunity to scream cyberbullying and silence our own guilt and instead, name the specific reasons some pictures are targeted. This thread is a really good point as well. 

Sigh. The Biggest Loser. You know. Whatever you do, don't read the comments on the NYT article, but do read this thread that talks about it! 

We highly suggest that you put some respek on our names. We even found a guest to come help us out. *grins*

P.S. Shoutout to our fans over at basic bitch Reddit, better known as Voat. These hamplanets are perplexed by your obsession, but I guess whatever floats your mayobarge. #viewsfromvoat

This week, Fat Bitch 101 is the first in our series on doctors. We talk specifically about physical health and basic tips to get you through. We plan to cover mental health and chronic/serious illness very very soon! For more on our personal experiences, you can read this, this and this from Ariel and this one from KC

We also answer some reader questioners and show some love to a truly touching email we got. 

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Y'all are alright. We'll see you next week!


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