Bad Fat Broads: Episode Twelve (AKA Bad Fat Broads LIVE!!! @ Abundant Bodies at AMC, AKA All Airhorns All The Time, AKA We Got Our Fill of The D)

Welcome to Bad Fat Broads LIVE!! This episode was recorded live in front of a super awesome, super swell, mostly human (hi Itty!) audience on Saturday, June 18th in the year of our Rihanna, 2016. 

The Broads can't stress enough how much they appreciate everyone who helped us out with getting to AMC, be it through financial support, emotional encouragement, technical assistance, anything. And thank you so much to those of you who attended the recording! We could not have done this without you. This experience has genuinely been life altering and it was a time that neither one of us will ever forget. 

This episode is light on garbage fires, we talk about FabUplus magazine (girl, I guess) and commercials we watched while lounging at #BFBSleepover basecamp. 

The meat (ham, probably) of this episode is a conversation we have with the audience about fat representation in the media! So many insightful points were made here and we start off with a history lesson about bodies in art brought to us by resident class act, KC. We also take a brief journey to Mt. Curvysexylicious and #staywoke on the matter of information.

We close out the episode with questions from the audience. Lots of laughs and lots of great points made.

Also, psst. If you're here from our tiny shoutout on This American Life or Crissle's recommendation on the Black Media Minute podcast, hi. Feel free to poke around and get to know us. 

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Finally, we <3 you. Get in...formation. #staywoke