EPISODE 15 (AKA Pudgy Twitter Fingers AKA The #hashtag Episode AKA The One About #FatSideStories)

We don't bop, we do the fatty dance.

We start off talking about this article which isn't exactly a garbage fire, but more thing that could grow into a fire or be put out depending on how it's handled. 

There's so much power in online community and being able to connect with likeminded folk - this podcast may come across as #hashtagaverse, but that's actually not the case. We're averse to something frequently linked to hashtags, but that's not the point here. 

Before we discuss the origin, usefulness and power of #fatsidestories, we talk about some great places to click if you're looking to build fat positive online community - #WeWearWhatWeWant, #GoldenConfidence, #deceitfulfatgirlthirsttrap, #plussizeplease and #alternativecurves. And if you're on Facebook (and meet the necessary criteria), The Anti-Oppressive Queer Fatshion group is a great place to be. 

There is a difference between being mired in the trauma and tragedies of the past (or present, for that matter) and naming the unjust wrongs that have been done against you, to connect with those that have also experienced it. To know you are not alone is power. To know that you went through some shit and come out through the other side, that is power. And we saw that happen in the #fatsidestories hashtag. 

We also answer a listener question (hiiiii, Justin) about comics - please feel free to tweet us @badfatbroads, @femmina or @kiddotrue and let us know about something cool we're missing out on in that world!

As always, we love our Patreon Sugarparents (no new ones this episode!) and we love every single one of you.

Smell you later. <3