Episode 21 (AKA My Broad is Fat & Boujee)


Here we are, first episode in the year of our (erroneously snubbed) Rihanna 2017. It's also Black History Month and Ariel's birthday month. Episode 21, clearly the most savage of all the episodes.

We spend some time talking about the plans for the podcast for 2017 - in short, less model nonsense garbage fire outrage and more of... well, everything else. We still have plenty to talk about on the issues of clothes and representation, but fewer trips to Mt. Curvysexylicious are ahead.

You may remember this episode for covering topics such as:

"Problematic" Influencers

The Never-ending Race to The Bottom in the Expansion of Sizing by Plus Retailers

Get You A Girl Who Can Do Both: Body Shame & Exploit "Body Positivity" For Financial Gain (We don't know Khloe Kardashian)

Fat Burlesque (& Who Gets Public Acknowledgement)

Nicolette Mason's solid af piece for R29

Don't leave fat people behind/forget about fatphobia in your social justice framework. Let's all look after each other. And please stop giving the attention seeking hate speech spewing baby a platform. 

Sigh (TW: Fatphobia in Medicine)

Let fat people write about the fat experience. It's better reading for us. Like this piece. And also making room for loving yourself at a variety of levels.


In OTHER news:


Abbott V.

David G.

We raised $475 for our friends who are in need of support as they find a home. After processing fees from Generosity, we were able to give them 456.25. Thanks so much for all of your help!

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