Bad Fat Broads: Episode Eleven (AKA Fatass-Flaming-Refuse-Induced Rage Blackouts)

Hello! Welcome to the much delayed, but much beloved Episode Eleven. It's a true menagerie of tiny garbage fires for your twisted enjoyment. 

First up, why can't happy people be happy? Oh, because fat women can't get married because fat or something. 

Second, why can't garbage websites like the Federalist be less garbagey? Oh, because something something pageclicks.

Third, why can't we discuss burnout and the shift in the nature of fatshion blogging? Oh, because something something you're unfun and draconian if you do. But you should read this, this and this.  

Fourth, why can't people not write snotty elitist garbage? Something something "science", we suppose.  

Fifth, why can't we muster up the same level of outrage for everyone in the community? Well. We know the answer to that one. 

Sixth, why aren't we free to always wear the things we want to wear?


Eighth, would you try one of those mailed clothes boxes? 

Ninth, why do we care that people who won't suffer any pushback for not wearing makeup aren't wearing makeup anymore? 

Tenth, wanna see a cool thing? YES YOU DO. 

Eleventh, why can't two or more fats gather in fats' name and not be expected to perform health related bullshit? 

Twelfth, why can't more brands do this? Or even include things like this?  

As always, we answer questions from our amazing listeners.

We also love our sugarparents!

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Finally, in addition to unexpected delays on the part of this particular broad, this week's episode was deliberately delayed out of respect for those affected by the events in Orlando. We said it before a few episodes ago, but Bad Fat Broads is a podcast committed to intersectionality, supporting all marginalized individuals and if you don't like it, you can get the fuck on. Please understand that this isn't just about guns, but it is also about the fact that we live in a cultural climate that enables and encourages homophobia and transphobia. Please do not skip naming the fact that this was a deliberate attack on the lives of LGBTQ people, especially and specifically people of color. Please do not forget that this is just a piece of widespread systemic violence against LGBTQ people of color and that the numbers show that danger is a regular fact of life for people. Please do not use this as an excuse to further narratives of hate and fear against Muslims. Please remember that people have intersecting identities. Please remember that this is not about your (my) straight, cis feelings. Please be sure to check on and support your friends that are feeling this the hardest. We love our listeners and I love my cohost.