Bad fat Broads: EPISODE 7 (AKA Lighten Up, It's Just Fatshion... and Fat Jokes and Fat Bodies)

HI FAM. It's that time again! We've made a super duper effort to throw a little pleasantly scented potpourri in the pile with the garbage fire. We're also excited to have a guest this week for the first installment of our Fat Chat segment! The lovely ToraShae (slayer of the Mayonnaise Monster, co-host of the In Front Of Company podcast and owner/designer of the gorgeous jewelry line Uchawii) joins us for a talk about the line between the self-esteems and the self-depreciations, fat humor and how loving yourself into equitable treatment in the face of assholes isn't a original or reasonable idea. 

We start the episode by evaluating "humor" that we're not gonna link to because it's not great satire, it's actually garbage. But if you find the need to comment on someone's unexpected fatness you could:


B. Consider why fat people may be hesitant to post full body or current photos of themselves - it's well documented that pictures are routinely used to mock fat people or shame them. We've lost count of how many times we've seen photos of our friends, colleagues and selves used by someone to get those "jokes" off or "thinspire" themselves. In the case of dating apps - even when a person does use current, full body pictures to "disclose" - it can result in negative feedback (and we don't mean people bypassing them as an option, we mean abusive commentary). 

C. Write something that doesn't sound like a FatPeopleHate Madlibs page. We're just saying. Be more clever. 

No one is obligated to fuck anyone or find anyone attractive. You are obligated to be decent. 

(Ariel note: Also, if you're fine with someone saying "I'm in the mood for a piece of ham" when describing a desire to fuck a fat person but not okay with a person saying "I'm in the mood for a piece of chocolate" when describing a desire to fuck a black person - consider the fact that you might need to re-evaluate yourself.)

Please please please! Check out this stunning photoshoot and both versions of these cute ass Target ads. (Hi Fluvia!) 

Ariel watched television. This was likely a mistake. Also we think Centric doesn't get Ariel.  It's 2016. There's more to dressing FAT bodies than snatching a waist, covering arms and playing up boobs. We understand working within the comfort zone of an individual, but the show feels full of the same tired "florals for spring" edicts we've heard for years.

We sneak in a touch of the petty and Good Cop/Bad Cop our way though a discussion of preferences, courtesy of Vice (ugh.). Preferences, preferences. Not the things inside that make a person who they are, but preferences. Men? Women? We're talking about preferences. Not actual hearts, brains or personalities. Preferences. Aesthetic preferences. What are we talking about? Preferences. Did we mention KC has brilliant musings on preferences?

We are VERY genuinely excited by the things Ashley Nell Tipton and Christian Siriano are doing. 

FAT CHATTTTTT. We got jokes, fam.

Finally, we answer reader questions and share some letters. We love y'all so much and every word you send us is read and cherished. Please keep sending us stuff!

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