EPISODE THIRTEEN (AKA I Dance, I Eat A Vegetable, What More Do You Want From Me?!)

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Our guest for this edition of Fat Chat is the lovely Ashleigh Nicole Tribble. We talk with Ashleigh about recent events in the plus size community. Follow Ashleigh on Instagram! 

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We dedicate this episode to the late Caroline Wall (thanks to @ZackBudryk for this request).

Also, we affirm our commitment to standing with all marginalized people.

Black Lives Matter.

I'm a little upset with the frequency with which we're having to add on messages because people are facing real world consequences, often deadly for what ultimately boils down to "existing in the wrong body." I'm tired. I want to live. I am not in the mood to entertain people who are so concerned with the lives of black people when it only comes to using men as props or how they give you the (inferior, in your eyes) sexual attention you crave or stand as an object to fetishize. Care about ALL black people. Care about me. Care about the perils and the struggles of existing in this body even when it doesn't benefit you to do so.