Hi all! This is a non-audio post, full of lovely in...formation about what's going on with us!

We're so excited about what we've got going on right now. First of all, in case you haven't heard it, the live episode we recorded while in Detroit at the Allied Media Conference was a huge success. Getting to be presenters as part of the Abundant Bodies track was an amazing experience and we truly could have not done it without your help. Every dollar you give us through Patreon or Generosity is truly appreciated.

Speaking of funds, as you can see, we've reached our $200 per month fundraising goal on Patreon! 

  • We're now able to actually compensate ourselves for our time. While this is a project that we do because we want to and no one is OBLIGATED to fund any content that isn't behind a paywall, we respect that you value the content we create and that it is time and labor (intellectual and emotional). 
  • We're compensating our beloved audio editor, Justin. He's so much more than that and again, his labor (emotional and otherwise) is definitely part of the magic (AIRHORN). (If you're wanting more of an @8bitanimal fix, check out his podcast!
  • We've now found an ethical solution we feel comfortable with for transcripts! Old episodes will be posted shortly and we'll be able to have all future episodes with transcripts.

If you're owed a donor gift, please know that we haven't forgotten about you. Our next round of postcards, stickers and other goodies will start going out soon! If you have a non-tangible item that needs to be claimed, we'll be contacting you before the end of July to set that up!

Finally, we're going on a quick vacation! We'll be back the week of July 18th, well rested and restocked on lighter fluid to set some internet garbage on fire. KC's moving (!) and I just need a damn hell ass break (!). Please feel free to tweet us (@badfatbroads/@femmina/@kiddotrue), email us or whatever in the meantime. As always, you can use the #bfbdocket hashtag to alert us to stuff, we love that you tell us what you want to discuss! 

We love you and we can't do this without you.